Monday, May 1, 2017

REVIEW: One Last Risk by Nancy Stopper


A guilt-driven firefighter, a widowed mother, neither is ready for love, but love has other plans.

Firefighter Lucas Bennett has the carefree life he’d always wanted until a deadly blaze takes the life of his partner and best friend. Blaming himself is easy but pulling himself from the tailspin of guilt proves to be much harder. The fog of sadness and guilt push him down a dangerous path until he nearly dies fighting the beast. Forced to stop and reevaluate his life, he decides to make a change before it’s too late.

A fire took almost everything from Sarah Robinson— her husband and her home—leaving her to raise their precious daughter alone. Everywhere she looks hold memories of her husband, pouring salt on her ever-present wound. Unable to live any longer around the memories of her husband, she and her daughter move to Oak Grove, far away from the grief of the past. All Sarah hopes for is the chance to start a new life for her and her daughter.

A car accident on a dark, rainy night puts Lucas and Sarah on a collision course neither of them expected. Can a single mother open her broken heart for a second chance at love? Will a broken firefighter risk his heart for what might be his only chance at forever? Are each of them willing to take one last risk to be together?

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

5 out of 5 stars

One Last Risk was such a sweet and heartfelt contemporary romance! Once I started reading this book I did not want to put it down and the only thing that forced me to have to read it in more than one sitting was my need for sleep and the fact that I had to go to work. This book truly was quite wonderful. Lucas and Sarah were some exceptional characters. Both of them had had to deal with some truly horrific tragedy, so watching them fall in love was extremely satisfying because after everything these two had gone through they deserved some happiness. And talking about them falling in love, I really enjoyed the way everything happened in this book. I loved the instant connection that these two felt when they first met and I found it interesting the way that Lucas's job brought them together in the beginning. The way that everything developed after that fateful night was incredibly sweet and the whole progression of their relationship just really tugged at my heart strings. I especially loved not only the relationship that developed between Lucas and Sarah, but also the relationship that developed between Lucas and Sarah's daughter. He was so adorable with her and it made me love this book all the more. Although, I have to say that while I loved the love story in this book, that it did kind of bother me that Lucas hid some important details about his job from Sarah for as long as he did. I get why he did it, but at the same time I wish he would have talked about it with her much sooner. Other than that, I loved this romance. It was such an amazing read and I can't wait to read some more by this great author in the future!!!

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