Sunday, December 18, 2016

ARC Review: Too Wilde to Tame by Tonya Burrows

Title: Too Wilde to Tame

Author: Tonya Burrows


For three years, ballet teacher Natalie Taggart has lived across the hall from grumpy, reclusive, sexy Greer Wilde. Save for a handful of hellos and the occasional heated glance, they never spoke to each other.

Until the morning Greer lands on her doorstep, bleeding, beaten, and bullet-riddled.

Greer doesn’t need or want her help. He has only one goal: revenge. And nobody—not his brothers, and certainly not his too-hot-for-his-sanity next-door neighbor—is going to get in his way.


I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

5 out of 5 stars

Too Wilde to Tame, the fifth and final book in Tonya Burrows' Wilde Security series, was a perfect romantic suspense novel! This series is one of my all-time faves and I had been waiting for a while for Greer to finally get his HEA and Tonya Burrows did not disappoint with the eldest Wilde brother's story.

Greer wasn't my favorite brother in the previous books, but in this book he became my second favorite brother after Reece. Getting to be in his head really allowed me to connect with his character and become invested in him finding love and getting a HEA like his brothers. However, as much as I ended up loving Greer in this book it really bothered me that almost to the very end he tried to keep his brothers in the dark about what he was doing. I mean, I get that he wanted them to be safe, but at the same time given that Greer was investigating their parent's murder he should have brought them into the loop.

As for Natalie, Tonya Burrows did good with pairing her with Greer. She was the complete opposite of Greer and that really worked in this story. I also loved that Natalie ended up being more than just the girl next door. The way that Tonya Burrows connected Natalie's family history to the the death of Greer's parents was so good. I totally wasn't expecting it.

The romance in this book was perfect. When it comes to romantic suspense the most important thing for me is the way that the author balances the romantic elements with the suspenseful storyline and Tonya Burrows did it skillfully. There was just enough romantic moments to get me as a reader to believe that what was going on between Greer and Natalie was real, but it wasn't overdone. And it complimented everything else that was going on in this story.

Going back to the investigation into the death of Greer's parents, I really liked the fact that in this book that was the mystery that they were trying to solve. The circumstances surrounding the Wilde brothers' parents death has been something that has come up again and again in the previous books in this series, so given that this was the last book in the series having them finally solve the murder was the perfect way to end the series because it really allowed the brothers to finally get some closure and finally 100% move on with their lives.

Overall, this book was a phenomenal romantic suspense read. Tonya Burrows went all out with the conclusion to this series and I've never been as satisfied with the end of a series as I am with this book, especially with the epilogue that the author wrote for this book. Seriously, that one little chapter had me crying all the happy tears. It was so perfect and that combined with all the other wonderful elements in this book made me love this book so much! It's sad to finally say goodbye to these characters, but Tonya Burrows concluded everything in the best way possible that I'm okay with this series ending. Although, I will be re-reading this series at least once a year so that I can continue to experience its greatness!

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