Monday, May 30, 2016

ARC Review: Stormswept by Deborah Martin

Title: Stormswept

Author: Sabrina Jeffries writing as Deborah Martin


New York Times bestseller Sabrina Jeffries reignites a daring love affair in this intriguing tale of desire and deception—originally written as Deborah Martin and newly revised for today’s audience.

The first wedding night that Lady Juliana St. Albans spent with the dark and daring Rhys Vaughan was intoxicating, the heady culmination of her new husband’s driving hunger and her own awakened sensuality. When he mysteriously disappeared the next morning, she waited for him in hope and desperation. And when he was finally proclaimed dead in a shipwreck, she bitterly mourned the loss of her love.

The second wedding night that Juliana spent with Rhys Vaughan was six years later, after he returned to claim her just as she was about to wed another. This Rhys was different—bolder, harder, and convinced that she’d betrayed him. Only their blazing passion remains from their years apart. But is it enough to light their way through the maze of mystery, menace, and mistrust—to the love they once shared and would have to find again?


I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

5 out of 5 stars

I am so happy that this author's publisher decided to rerelease this book because I absolutely loved it and makes me sad to think about the fact that I probably would have never discovered it otherwise. This book got to me in the best way possible. Rhys and Juliana's love story was the perfect example as to why I can never get enough of historical romance.

First things first, I really loved the way that the story was told. The way it starts off during Juliana's engagement party to another man with Rhys unexpectedly crashing the party, then goes back to six years before and shows you how Rhys and Juliana's fell in love, and then returns again to the current timeline to see how their reunion is going to play out was absolutely wonderful. It was the best way to tell the story because it builds up the anticipation and doesn't leave out any details when it comes to how their relationship progressed.

Everything in the 6 years before period was sweet and passionate and makes the reader become fully invested in these characters, so that when you get to that moment when they are torn apart you are left truly outraged. And then the 6 years later part is filled with so much angst, but is still just as passionate as the six years before portion as these characters learn the true details about what caused their separation and figure out how to get passed it and trust each other again. All together it was all so epic and I just loved it so much!

Overall, this book was perfect!!! It was such a grade A historical romance and has convinced that I really need to stock up on other books from this author's extensive backlist!

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