Thursday, March 24, 2016

Double Review: The Professional AND The Master by Kresley Cole

Title: The Professional

Author: Kresley Cole


From #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole comes The Professional—the first scorching installment in her Game Maker series, an erotica collection that has readers asking: How hot is too hot?


Mafiya enforcer Aleksandr “The Siberian” Sevastyan’s loyalty to his boss is unwavering, until he meets the boss’s long-lost daughter, a curvy, tantalizing redhead who haunts his mind and heats his blood like no other. Ordered to protect her, Sevastyan will do anything to possess her as well—on his own wicked terms.


PhD student Natalie Porter had barely recovered from her first sight of the breathtakingly gorgeous Sevastyan before the professional hit man whisks her away to Russia, thrusting her into a world of extreme wealth and wanton pleasures. With every day she spends under his protection, she falls deeper under his masterful spell.


Yet all is not as it seems. To remove Natalie from an enemy’s reach, Aleksandr spirits her into hiding. From an opulent palace in Russia to the decadent playgrounds of the mega-wealthy in Paris, the two lovers will discover that even their darkest—and most forbidden—fantasies can come true . . .

Title: The Master

Author: Kresley Cole


A need colder than Siberian winter meets an attitude hotter than the Florida sun in #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole’s sultry new Game Maker novel.


Rich, irresistible politician/Mafiya boss Maksimilian Sevastyan prefers tall, obedient blondes to fulfill his…complicated desires. That is, until the icy Russian encounters a disobedient brunette whose exquisite little body threatens his legendary restraint.


Catarina Marín was a well-off young wife until her world fell apart. Now she’s hiding out, forced to start working as an escort in Miami. Her very first client is beyond gorgeous, but when he tells her what he plans to do to her, Cat almost walks out of the door.


After their mind-blowing encounter burns out of control, the lovers crave more. If they escape the deadly threats surrounding them, can Maksim overcome his past–to offer Cat his future? Only then will she tempt him with what he really wants: her, all tied up with a bow. 


4 out of 5 stars for BOTH

So I usually don't do combined reviews for multiple books in a series, but I read the first two books in this series back to back and my thoughts on both were so similar that I thought this would be the best way to condense my thoughts, so here we go.

I'm already a huge Kresley Cole fan from her paranormal romance series and when I heard that she was writing contemporary erotica I got really excited to see how she would go about it, but due to reasons beyond my control I wasn't able to read these books until recently. But now that I have finally read them I got to say that for the most part The Professional and The Master lived up to the hype and my expectations. There were things that I absolutely loved about these books and then there were things that I absolutely hated and it all made for a very interesting reading experience.

First off, one of the things I absolutely loved were the heroines in each book. Natalie and Cat both gave me so much life and they were hands down my favorite thing about these books. When you write books about heroes who are into BDSM it is so easy to end up with heroines who are kind of weak and way too submissive outside of the bedroom, but Natalie and Cat were strong and feisty and fought back against letting the brooding Russian heroes who turned their lives upside down from completely taken over without a little compromise on the men's part. The second thing I loved about these two books was the brooding Russian heroes, obviously. I have a slightly obsessive fascination with anything Russian to the point that I studied their language, culture and history extensively in college and as a result it was impossible for me to not love Aleks and Maksim. These men even with their overbearing, domineering ways managed to worm their way into my heart. I especially loved getting to see the changes in their characters throughout both books as they fell in love with these women. I didn't agree with everything these two idiots did throughout the books and some of the stuff they did were definite no-nos, but both were redeemable and in the end both changed in ways that ultimately made them worthy of Natalie and Cat. 

Now one of the things I disliked about these books was Natalie's best friend Jess. I'm all for sex positive characters and think we need more of them in books in general, but she was so fucking annoying and immature. And before somebody tries to say that that is a sexist view, I would still think the same thing if she was a man. It was just the way she talked about things. It was completely unrealistic and so over the top and I just found her very unlikable and not in a good. Seriously whenever she would show up and start talking I would get an immediate headache. The second thing I didn't like about these books was that the sex scenes just got boring after a while. I get that these books are erotica and that means there would be more of it than your typical romance, but when you are gonna have as much sex in a book at these two you need to keep the scenes fresh and that just wasn't the case in this book. At one point in The Master, I actually even ended up glossing over a sex scene because it was getting dull which is something that I almost never do when reading books like this.

Anywho, overall, I really enjoyed these two books. They are both fun, sexy reads that are I'm so happy that I finally got around to reading because they truly were wonderful and I highly recommend them to all the hardcore romance readers. Trust me you don't want to pass on these books.

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