Thursday, February 18, 2016

Review: Tell Me You Need Me by Joya Ryan

Title: Tell Me You Need Me

Author: Joya Ryan


Playing dirty can be the best kind of fun…

Chloe Franklin wouldn’t call herself a commitment-phobe, so much as she’s allergic to anything long term. She loves the sexy, sweaty and intensely hot hours of the night that come before the sun rises, though. Especially when those nights are spent with Search-and-Rescuer Gage McGraw…

Gage loves his job, but there is one thing he’s starting to like more than the rush of a mission—a stacked blonde with a mouth that haunts his dreams. Every time he steps foot in the sleepy town of Beaufort, he hooks up with Chloe. But he’s tired of hooks-ups. He wants more.

Just the sight of Gage gets Chloe’s blood going. Hot, bothered, and finally naked, she’s ready for their night to start. But before he takes her, he whispers what his intentions really are…and then the games really begin.


5 out of 5 stars

I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was everything that I've come to expect from this author and more. I can honestly say that out of all of her books this one is my all-time favorite. It was a hot friends with benefits romance and I really liked Chloe and Gage the most out of all the characters this author has ever written.

They were imperfect in the most perfect way and I loved them so much! Chloe and Gage were quite the pair with his fear to commit to a permanent place of residence and her fear of committing to a relationship because of what happened with her mother and father. Granted I thought their issues were stupid, but I could fully understand their reasoning and it added a good bit of drama to the story that I thought was necessary. Plus it was fun getting to see the ways that they dealt with their issues the closer they became as their relationship developed from strictly being a friends with benefits situation to something so much more especially all their antics as Gage tried to romance Chloe while she tried to keep thing strictly sexual. It was hilarious and super hot and I couldn't get enough.

Overall, as I stated at the beginning of the review I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was a super fun and steamy romance and another perfect example as to why I love Brazen books so much!

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