Saturday, February 20, 2016

My Rambling Thoughts: Instalove vs. Slow Burn

In all the years I've been reading romance novels I have never been able to decide whether I prefer romance novels with instalove or romance novels with a slower burning romance. I have friends who are very adamant about preferring one over the other but I must confess that I love them both pretty much equally and that whether I read one type or the other really just depends on my mood at the moment.

A lot of people say that instalove is not very realistic, but honestly whether it is realistic or not has never really bothered me because I don't read romance novels for realism. In actuality I read romance novels to escape from the reality of everyday life and don't need everything that happens in one to be feasible in the real world as long as the author can make me believe that the two characters are in love whether it's love at first sight or something else. Personally, I don't think that slow burn romances are any more realistic either, but just like with instalove they work for me especially when I'm in the mood for a romance that is going to build up all the anticipation and drive me insane as I wait for the characters to stop being idiots and realize that they are in love with each other.

So, yeah, no matter what anyone else says I love them both. As long as the author can make me feel all the emotions I don't give a damn whether it's a case of instalove or not because as I said already it's all about the execution for me and whether or not I can believe that the love is real.

*My Rambling Thoughts is a bi-weekly feature on this blog in which I vent, rant, and/or gush about bookish topics that are currently on my mind.*

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