Saturday, January 9, 2016

My Rambling Thoughts: Historical Romance

Anyone who knows me is pretty much aware of the fact that I'm currently obsessed with historical romance novels at the moment. In the past few months I have bought more historical romance books than any other type of romance because I just can't get enough of them. The funny thing is though that if you would have told me two years ago that I would be as obsessed with historical romance books as I am right now, I would have laughed in your face. While I have always been a rabid romance reader, I have always gravitated to either contemporary or paranormal romance and pretty much ignored historical romance and thought of it as not for me.

But all that changed when I went to BookCon in 2014 and met the lovely Sarah MacLean. I attended a panel she was on and was given a copy of the first book in her Rules of Scoundrels series. I ended up devouring that book in one night and since then I've been fascinated with historical romance discovering authors such as Anna Campbell, Megan Frampton, Sophie Jordan, and Joanna Shupe over that past year and a half. But even then I didn't become truly obsessed with historical romance until this past October/November when I opened up a NetGalley account and gained access to a bunch of ARCs of historical romance books by some awesome authors such as Susanne Lord and Christy English and from that moment I was pretty much a goner. And since I had some extra book buying money over the holidays I might have gone a little overboard in buying historical romance books adding books by authors Elizabeth Hoyt, Valerie Bowman, Anne Barton, Kelly Bowen among others to my collection. And don't get me started on the upcoming historical romance books I'm crazy excited for this year especially the debuts of Lenora Bell and Lily Blackwood.

My collection has more than doubled inside in the span of two months and I'm still not satisfied. While I still love contemporary and paranormal books, the former of which I have read the most of so far this year, my heart is still completely obsessed with historical romance. While I have not read as many historical romance books as I would like so far since I've been too busy to properly tackle the one's unread on my shelf right now based on the ones I have read in the past two years have actually made historical romance my favorite romance sub-genre. Everything about them just does it for me from the characters to the plots to the fashion and societal norms depicted makes for a romance that is just so much more fascinating and intriguing.

ALSO THEIR COVERS! Obviously there are some very beautiful paranormal romance and contemporary cover but the covers of historical romance books are just so divine. All the pretty colors and dresses. I could stare at them all day! I mean just look at some of these awesome covers.

Anywho, are any of y'all big fans of historical romance? And since I'm always looking for more recommendations what are some of you're favorite authors and books in the genre?

*My Rambling Thoughts is a bi-weekly feature on this blog in which I vent, rant, and/or gush about bookish topics that are currently on my mind.*

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