Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Rambling Thoughts: Backlists

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I have a love/hate relationship when a new-to-me author that I really want to read has a crazy long backlists. You would think that them having a long backlist would be a good thing because that means more material for one to enjoy, but in reality it's kind of like a double-edged sword. At least for me it is because while that does mean more books, I'm one of those readers that when I discover an author I love I want to read and buy anything by them, which is pretty much impossible especially if I want to keep up with and discover other authors. Then there's also the possibility that because an author has such a long backlist that the first book I pick up by them will be the bad apple in the group and then I can't justify investing more time in them, so I might be missing out on some really awesome books just because I started with the wrong one.

This might seem like crazy thinking to some people, but it is how my brain operates and as a result it has made me a really super picky reader when it comes to deciding to invest my time in a new-to-me author. To give you an example, it took me like a year to finally decide to purchase Elizabeth Hoyt's Maiden Lane books since the series was already 8 books deep. And I was on the fence for months about getting an Eloisa James book before I finally gave in and pre-ordered her newest historical romance novel. And those are just two authors I've gone through this with. I'm also going back and forth about whether I should jump in and read books by historical romance authors Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, and Sabrina Jeffries as well as contemporary romance author Kristan Higgins.

Seriously, these decisions stress me out and I drive my BFF insane because I usually tend to bombard her with "Should I buy a book by this author?" messages. Lol. And the thing is that I don't have this issue with debut authors and authors with smaller backlists. I get one-click happy with debut historical and contemporary romance authors and that actually makes my TBR a lot bigger than investing in the authors with an extensive backlist, so really my reasoning doesn't make sense, yet this my process for deciding which authors to read or not. Lol.

Anywho, what are y'all's thoughts on when authors have extensive backlists? Do you find them intimidating like me or am I the only weird one? Lol.

*My Rambling Thoughts is a bi-weekly feature on this blog in which I vent, rant, and/or gush about bookish topics that are currently on my mind.*

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  1. this is a very good post !!! ( yes you do drive me crazy but your my BFF so i wuv u very much so i will listen to all you backlist issues lol ) and as for extensive backlist it doesn't bother me i just take it on book at time you know lol