Monday, January 11, 2016

ARC Review: Chasing Crazy by Kelly Siskind

Title: Chasing Crazy

Author: Kelly Siskind


"With an endearingly awkward female protagonist, a swoon-worthy male love interest, and Siskind's superb storytelling, this is one of the best New Adult contemporary romances I've read to date." -- USA Today bestselling author K.A. Tucker

Dear Mom & Dad, I dropped out of school. I'm going backpacking. Sorry. Love you both.

At nineteen, Nina has endured two lifetimes' worth of humiliation. Tired of waiting for it to get better, she decides to get going-across the globe to New Zealand. There she soon faces what she most fears: a super sexy guy ready to be Nina's next mistake.

Once Sam's life was all about having fun. That was before the accident. Now his friends have bailed and his world is broken. But when a gorgeous girl on his flight looks at him with passion instead of pity, Sam feels his old self coming back to life.

Now traveling together, Nina and Sam know this isn't just a fling. They're falling fast, hard, and deep. More than anything, Sam wants Nina to forget her fears. But to help her do that he must reveal his own painful secret-and risk Nina never seeing him the same way again.

***MY REVIW***

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

4 out of 5 stars

It's been a while since I've gotten secondhand embarrassment from a character in a romance, but good Lord, the amount of times I cringed because of the situations that the heroine, Nina, found herself in and in just the first chapter at that was both sad and kind of impressive. But despite all the cringing, those moments were quite hilarious and honestly made Nina's character all the more relatable and endearing. It's makes you more invested in seeing how her backpacking trip through New Zealand is going to turn out in the end and also makes you especially root for her to find her HEA in the end both in terms of being more confident in herself and getting the guy. And then we have Sam. One-syllable Sam as Nina calls him was all types of swoon-worthy and I fell in love with his character almost immediately. He was almost too good but in the end the way his character was really worked for this story. The overall plot of the story was entertaining with all the situations that Nina and Sam find themselves in and all the different people they meet along the way both good and bad. The only thing I didn't like about this book was the last plot curveball involving Nina's mother. I won't say what it was to avoid spoilers but it felt, at least to me, like the author threw it in as an afterthought and felt unnecessary with everything else going on.

Overall, Chasing Crazy was a fun, awkwardly adorable travel romance. It made me laugh out loud, swoon hard and even got me a little misty eyed. All in all it was a great romance debut that I highly recommend. I can't wait to read what Kelly Siskind comes up with next!

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