Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rambling Down the Book Hole (Dec '15) - A Court of Thorns And Roses Inspired Playlist

So for today's book club post I was supposed to share my playlist inspired by Sarah J. Maas's A Court of Thorns and Rose but because I was crazy busy this week and didn't get the chance to read as much of the book as I would have liked I was unable to create my playlist. :( But thankfully my BFF, who has already read this wonderful book already and loved it, came to my rescue and agreed to share her playlists of songs that she thought fit the book.
  • "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful" by Florence + The Machine
  • "Colors" by Halsey
  • "Once Upon A Dream" by Lana Del Rey
  • "Out of he Woods" by Taylor Swift
  • "Never Let Me Go" by Florence + The Machine
  • "Pompeii" by Bastille
  • "Haunted" by Beyonce
When asked why she picked these songs my oh so wonderful BFF said that she chose these songs because some of these songs remind her of Tamlin and Feyre's relationship from the sweet moments to the dark while others remind her of the world that Sarah J. Mass created. 

And I got to say that based on these song choices I am even more excited to finish this book this week!

Now that you have seen this wonderful playlist what do you think of my BFF's song choices. If you have read the book already, do you like the selections or if you haven't read this book yet, do the songs mentioned make you want to?

And as always don't forget to check out Ashley's post this week! 

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