Friday, November 27, 2015

ARC Review: Heir to the Duke by Jane Ashford

Title: Heir to the Duke

Author: Jane Ashford


Life is predictable for a Duke's first son

As eldest son of the Duke of Langford, Nathaniel Gresham sees his arranged marriage to Lady Violet Devere as just another obligation to fulfill-highly suitable, if unexciting. But as Violet sets out to transform herself from dowdy wallflower to dazzling young duchess-to-be, proper Nathaniel sets out to prove he's a match for his new bride's vivacity and daring.

Or so he once thought...

Oppressed by her family all her life, Lady Violet can't wait to enjoy the freedom of being a married woman. But then Violet learns her family's sordid secret, and she's faced with an impossible choice-does she tell Nathaniel and risk losing him, or does she hide it and live a lie?


I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

3 out of 5 stars

Heir to the Duke, the first book in Jane Ashford's new series The Duke's Sons, was an okay romance read. The book was well written and the plot was pretty interesting but the main couple, Nathaniel and Violet just fell short for me. Nathaniel was just too boring and responsible for me. I get that he's the eldest son and it was honorable that he was always there for his family, but I prefer my historical romance heroes to lead more scandalous and exciting lives and Nathaniel was just too good. And as for Violet, she was just too much for me. I mean I get that her grandmother kept her on a tight leash but she was trying too hard in opinion and felt very childish to me at times. I also wasn't able to really become invested in Nathaniel and Violet as a couple and I was never 100% convinced that they really were in love, although it was sweet how they were together by the end of the novel.

But even though, I had my issues with Nathaniel and Violet, as I already mentioned I really did like the overall plot. I totally did not see the big reveal involving Violet's family coming. The reason I thought that Violet's grandmother was so cold towards her was so far off from the truth and I applaud the author for being able to surprise me because I'm usually able to work out the truth on my own but this one threw me for a loop.

Overall, this book was a pretty decent read and while it wasn't an absolute win for me, I still recommend it and can see others really loving it.

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