Monday, September 14, 2015

Review: Can't Hold Back by Molly McLain

Title: Can't Hold Back

Author: Molly McLain


To have and to hold. To trust and to obey. To take and to pleasure… Some things just don’t come up in your wedding vows.

Off to their honeymoon in sexy, exotic Cabo, Dan and Maddie Hudson are finally free from the microscope of small town living. For Dan, a self-assured attorney, this means indulging in the all-consuming intimacy of marriage—especially the naked kind—wherever and whenever his new wife will have him.

But CPA Maddie doesn’t want to be in charge. In fact, there’s something she craves and there’s no one she trusts more than Dan to give it to her. But will pushing the envelope sexually be too much, too soon in their marriage? The last thing she wants is to make her husband regret his vows before the honeymoon is even over.

Can Dan be the man Maddie needs, now and forever? Or will her secret desires bring an early end to their happily ever after?

Warning: This book contains an über confident, dirty talking hero and a heroine who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of the bedroom—or the beach. For readers 18+.


5 out of 5 stars

I usually have a love-hate relationship with novellas but I straight up loved Can't Hold Back and don't really have that much to say about it other than it was a nice, short, and ridiculously steamy read. It satisfied my craving to read a book about Dan and Maddie after getting to know them in the first book in this series, Can't Shake You, and has made me even more obsessed with Molly McLain's writing.

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