Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Review: Can't Get Enough by Molly McLain

Title: Can't Get Enough

Author: Molly McLain


When life gives you lemons, find a former Marine with sexy abs to lick the lemonade from…

Tony Dunn’s panty-snatching bachelor life has been turned upside down—he now has custody of a daughter he didn’t even know he fathered. With his focus solely on doing right by his little girl, the last thing he needs is a sexy, totally distracting blonde showing up on his doorstep.

Nicole Hodges is in River Bend temporarily, to handle her grandmother’s estate and get the heck out of Dodge before her past catches up with her. Only problem is…she likes the quiet little town more than she expects, and she can’t resist overextending herself to help her built-like-a-bad-boy neighbor get his life back on track.

Tony and Nicole have different goals in mind, none of which include a relationship. But what harm could come from a little fun–the naked kind–if they both know the rules up front?

Warning: This book contains a sex-deprived single dad with a wicked tongue. Enough said.


5 out of 5 stars

Can't Get Enough was another amazing addition to Molly McLain's River Bend series! I absolutely loved reading about Tony and Nicole. Out of all the men of River Bend, Tony is definitely my favorite because seriously there is nothing more adorable than a really sexy guy with a baby. I also really liked Nicole, just like Carissa and Maddie in the previous books she was extremely relatable and the reasons for the decisions that she makes actually made sense even though I didn't necessarily agree with her from time to time.

But while I really loved Tony and Nicole, the real star of this book was baby Brianna. She was the cutest and I really loved to see the way the other characters interacted with her and the way her little infant self brought Tony and Nicole together. Another highlight of this book is the way that the author dealt with the baby mama drama. I started the book ready to hate Brianna's mother but was happy that she ended up being a fairly reasonable woman and that she wasn't out to ruin Tony's life or cause him any problems.

The romance between Tony and Nicole in this book was perfect. The pacing and the way everything developed was very organic and seemed very realistic. Even the parts that made me sad when everything seemed like it was falling apart was perfect and I couldn't get enough of these two characters.

I loved this book too much! While I have loved all the books in the River Bend series, this book is by far my favorite and I can't recommend it and this series as a whole enough.

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