Tuesday, September 22, 2015

ARC Review: Delicious Complication by Sabrina Sol

Title: Delicious Complication

Author: Sabrina Sol


Temptation is a dish best served hot…

Event planner Daisy Robles can’t remember a time when celebrity restaurateur?and celebrated playboy? Brandon Montoya didn’t make her nuts. His infuriating arrogance, his hotness…his undeniable sexual energy. One night and whole lot of expensive tequila later, Daisy’s self-control is AWOL. And Brandon’s making her crazy in all the right ways.

When their tequila-fueled make-out session hits the tabloids, Brandon is furious. At least until he realizes his “relationship” with Daisy is his chance to get his ill mother to Los Angeles for treatment. All he has to do is convince Daisy to be his pretend fiancée for two weeks…

The deal? No sex and no falling in love. But all it takes is a little heat to find themselves in a deliciously compromising position…


I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

5 out of 5 stars

Delicious Complication, the second book in Sabrina Sol's Delicious Desires was amazing! I loved it even more than I did the first book, Delicious Temptation, which is saying something because I fucking loved that book.

With this book the author once again delivered a steamy love story with realistic Latino characters which is a really big deal for me. Brandon was all kinds of swoon-worthy. How devoted he was to his mother and sister was really endearing and made me love him all the more. Speaking of his family, his mother was one of the most realistic portrayals of a Puerto Rican mother I have ever had the pleasure to read. Seriously, her character reminded me so much of the older women in my crazy Puerto Rican family and that made me connect with the book so much more. I also really loved the heroine, Daisy. She was so easy to relate to. Even more so than Amara, the heroine of the first book.

The plot of this book was really fun. I really love books that feature fake relationships that become real and serious and this one was particularly amazing. The amount of drama that the characters had to deal with wasn't too crazy and I liked how the book stayed focus on the relationship that was developing between Brandon and Daisy instead of having all these outside forces working against them.

Overall, I loved this book so much! I know I've already said that but seriously I LOVED this book! Everything from the romance to the characters was pretty much flawless in my opinion and although the year isn't over yet I feel confident in saying this might be my #1 favorite romance for the year.

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