Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Note About Reviews

If any of y'all have been wondering why I haven't posted any book reviews on this blog yet here's the deal.

When I started this blog early last month my goal was to write reviews and post them almost immediately after reading a book. That way all of my feelings and thoughts about a book would still be fresh in my mind, but then I started my new job at Target and all the time I had set aside for blogging pretty much disappeared. As a result, I sadly haven't been able to write any gushing reviews about all the books I have read and loved over the last several weeks. Fortunately I have finally managed to settle into a routine with my new job and now have more time to dedicate to blogging.

Originally I was going to try and catch up on reviews but in the past two months I have read A LOT of books and it would take at least a month to write them all and that is not even including the books I will most likely read from this point forward. So I have decided not write reviews for the books I've read recently for this blog and instead I'm just going to just write quick reviews for them over on my Goodreads account sporadically over the next few months. This way I can focus on writing and keeping up reviews for the books I read from this point forward.

Sound good? Good. I can't wait to finally start sharing some reviews with y'all!

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