Monday, September 19, 2016

ARC Review: Fast Connection by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell

Title: Fast Connection

Author: Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell


After a decade of serving in the Army, everyone still expects me to be Dominic 'Nicky' Costigan--the skirt-chasing player. They don't know I've been spending my days trying to figure out my post-military life. Including how to pick up guys.

When I meet Luke on a hookup app, he makes it clear it's for one-night only. That's fine with me, because I'm down to see what this silver fox can do. But after I arrive at his doorstep, it doesn't take long to realize we have serious chemistry, and we end up meeting again.

He's got more walls around his heart than a military base, but I think he's as addicted to me as I am to him. He can't resist me for long. I mean, who can? Except Luke's rules exist for a reason, and when I test his limits, things get complicated. Maybe too complicated.

*FAST CONNECTION is a standalone, full-length romance novel with no cliffhanger


I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

5 out of 5 stars

I swore I had already wrote a review for this book, but apparently I didn't so here we go. This book was absolutely amazing! While I had liked the previous book in this series, Strong Signal, I ended up loving Fast Connection so much more! And the fact that I loved this book as much as I did was really unexpected because I really hated Dominic Costigan when he appeared in Strong Signal, but in this book I absolutely fell in love with his character. He really redeemed himself in my eyes and I just couldn't get enough of him. And then we have Luke. Luke was everything I wanted him to be and so much more. And when it came to his character I really enjoyed the way that his ex and children were included in the story. I'm always wary of past relationships and grown children from previous relationships in books, but in this book I loved them. But anywho back to the romance. The romance in this book was absolutely amazing! It developed in a way and at a pace that felt very natural and had me on the edge of my seat excited waiting to see how things were going to turn out between these two. And thankfully Megan and Santino delivered an HEA that I'm still thinking about months later. Yeah, so if you haven't had a chance to read this book yet, I highly suggest one-clicking it ASAP!

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