Sunday, June 26, 2016

ARC Review: Change of Heart by T.J. Kline

Title: Change of Heart

Author: T.J. Kline


Bad luck has plagued Leah McCarran most of her life, until the tide turns and she lands her new dream job as a therapist at Heart Fire Ranch. But when her car breaks down and she finds herself stranded, the playboy who shows up to her rescue makes Leah wonder if her luck just went from bad to worse.

Gage Granger has risen above the circumstances of his youth, enough that people now believe he has the Midas touch, especially in business. But when one mistake suddenly threatens everything he’s built, he takes some time to visit family near Heart Fire and figure a way out of the mess. The last thing he expects to find is a feisty therapist who needs his help, even if she won’t admit it.

Leah learned a long time ago that other people will always let her down. She doesn’t want that kind of hurt again, but Gage isn’t giving up. And finding out he’s staying next door isn’t going to make it any easier to avoid the kind man who is set on changing her heart.


I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

4 out of 5 stars

Change of Heart, the fifth book in T.J. Kline's Healing Harts series was another really good, emotionally satisfying contemporary romance. The story which follows two new-to-me characters, since I hadn't read any of the other books in this series beside the first one so I wasn't familiar with Gage, was awesome! Leah was what we would call an "unlikable heroine" at times, but honestly as difficult as she could be sometimes that's why I liked her. She was real. She had issues and as she tried to deal with them she made mistakes. It was all very understandable and normal. And then we have Gage who on the surface looks pretty much perfect but there is more to him than that. I loved his character to pieces, although there were a few instances where I felt like he was trying to hard and I understand completely why Leah didn't want anything to do with him at first.

The romance in this book was fantastic. I really loved the pace at which everything progressed. It all felt very realistic and allowed me to become really invested in their relationship. Aside from their relationship, I also really loved everything else that was going on in this book. It was interesting to see both Leah and Gage navigate their problems and deal with them so that they could both be in a place to get their HEA.

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