Tuesday, May 10, 2016

ARC Review: Dukes are Forever by Anna Harrington

Title: Dukes are Forever

Author: Anna Harrington


Battlefields and bar rooms hold much more interest for Edward Westover, Duke of Strathmore, than some little girl’s dolls and lace.  But when he takes control of his enemy’s estate, everything that man held dear—including his daughter—now belongs to Edward.  Arrange for a governess, a dowry, give a few reassurances and be off on his way—that’s Edward’s plan.  But he’s in for the shock of his life.  For his new ward is a beautiful, impetuous, and utterly irresistible woman…

. . . AND WAR
Kate Benton is stunned.  Who is this arrogant, infuriating man who’s invited himself into her home and taken over her life?  Her vow:  to do everything in her power to convince him to leave her—and Brambly Farm—alone.  But as chilly days melt into sultry nights, Kate sees glimpses of kindness underneath Edward’s cool façade…and a passionate nature that takes her breath away.  There’s so much she doesn’t know about this man.  But does she dare trust this devilish duke with her heart?


I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

5 out of 5 stars

Dukes are Forever, the first book in Anna Harrington's The Secret Life of Scoundrels series, was a spectacular debut and everything that I love about historical romance! Everything about this book was a win for me. Kate was a phenomenal heroine and Edward was a brooding, swoon-worthy hero that I just couldn't get enough of. The premise of the book was just wonderful. The whole deal with Edward wanting to absolutely ruin Kate's father in order to get revenge for what the despicable man did to his brother and sister-in-law had my attention from the very beginning. It was the perfect way for Edward and Kate to meet and added the perfect amount of drama to their relationship. And talking about their relationship, I really loved the way everything played out in this book between them. It wasn't a fast moving romance, but it also wasn't slow. Instead everything happened in a way that allowed me as a reader to really savor their love story and it was oh so satisfying from beginning to end.

Overall, this book was a marvelous debut. Books like this is why I'm craving more and more historical romance novels as time passes and I honestly can't recommend it enough. 

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