Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Review: The Sport of Baronets by Theresa Romain

Title: The Sport of Baronets

Author: Theresa Romain


The lives of Sir Bartlett Crosby and Hannah Chandler have been marked by fierce competition between their elite families…the perfect breeding ground for a mutual attraction neither can deny.

Bart hopes to conquer “the turf” through victory in a much-touted match. Should his heavily-favored colt win, the Crosby reputation and fortunes would be revived. Bart’s plan seems poised for success until the lovely Hannah Chandler, daughter of a noted rival trainer, turns up claiming ownership of the colt. When Hannah insists on claiming her purchase, the prize colt disappears from Bart’s stable. Theft or treachery? As Hannah and Bart rush to solve the mystery before race time, they uncover a scandalous truth about their families’ pasts-a truth that has the potential to either destroy both their futures, or to guide them to a love they never imagined.


4 out of 5 stars

After reading A Gentleman's Game, I couldn't help but go back and pick up The Sport of Baronets to find out more about Nathaniel's sister Hannah and Bartlett Crosby. This novella was just as good as A Gentleman's Game. I loved the way that Hannah and Bart got together and fell in love. The romance in the book developed really quickly since it was only a novella but it flowed really well and I had no doubt believing that Hannah and Bart were in love by the end of the story. Also, I really liked that The Sport of Baronets had a pretty lighthearted tone with a a good dose of mystery to keep things really interesting, which was topped off with an adorable HEA. Overall, The Sport of Baronets was a nice and quick entertaining historical romance read and I really enjoyed reading it.


  1. I Think i just got this book on my kindle i must read it now

    1. You definitely need to read it ASAP. Hannah and Bart are too adorable!