Thursday, December 31, 2015

ARC Review: Outside the Lines by Lisa Desrochers

Title: Outside the Lines

Author: Lisa Desrochers


The first in an edgy new contemporary romance series that follows a family on the run, from the author of the USA Today bestselling A Little Too Far series…

As the oldest son of a Chicago crime lord, Robert Delgado always knew how dangerous life could be. With his mother dead and his father in prison, he’s taking charge of his family’s safety—putting himself and his siblings in witness protection to hide out in a backwater Florida town.

Fourth grade teacher Adri Wilson is worried about the new boy in her class. Sherm is quiet and evasive, especially when he’s around his even cagier older brother. Adri can’t help her attraction to Rob, or the urge to help them both in whatever way she can.

But the Delgados have enemies on two sides of the mob—their father’s former crew and the rival family he helped take down. It’s only a matter of time before someone finds them. And if Rob isn’t careful, Adri could end up in the crossfire…


I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

5 out of 5 stars

Ever since I read the A Little Too Far series I've been itching for something new by this author and I've got to say even though I had to wait over a year for this book it was definitely worth it.

Rob and Adri's love story was thrilling and swoon-worthy. I ended up reading until my eyes burned and I was forced to put the book down because the story was just too good. And then when I was up the next day I picked up the book first thing and read until I was finished.

I really loved the plot of this one so much. While I don't read many romances involving characters in witness protection, the ones I have read have all been really good and this one was the best that I've read. I also really loved the characters. Rob and Adri and the rest of the Delgado siblings were all characters that grabbed my attention. And while I might not have liked them all at first, they all grew on me by the end.

The romance in this one as I already mentioned made me swoon hard. Rob and Adri are one of those couples that you find in romance that don't seem like they would work because they are so different from each other, but they were so perfect for each other and I loved reading all of their interactions and seeing them fall in love. I especially loved how understanding and calm Adri was when she learned the full story of who Rob really was. I'm so happy that she didn't hold the fact that he had done bad things in the past against him.

But romance aside, what I loved most about this book was how devoted Rob was to his family and everything he was willing to do to keep them all safe. As well as, the way that Adri helped with Sherm as he dealt with everything he witnessed before the Delgados were forced to flee Chicago.

Overall, I really loved this book. It was oh so good and satisfied my craving for more of of Lisa Desrocher's writing. Now to try and wait patiently until book two is out.

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