Sunday, November 8, 2015

Review: Chasing Trouble by Joya Ryan

Title: Chasing Trouble

Author: Joya Ryan


Bad boys are the best kind of trouble…

Kindergarten teacher Jenna Justice has lived her life by the book—right school, right career, right image. Too bad the townsfolk of Diamond, Kansas, have a hard time forgetting that she wasn’t born on the right side of the tracks. The only way J.J. can land her dream job is to keep her wild side buried and her reputation clean. But when she finds herself in another town, one without prying eyes, she allows herself one fantasy-filled night with her best friend’s bad boy brother.

Professional bull rider Colt McCade is grounded for the summer with an injury. After their sizzling night together, he finds himself wanting to pick up where he and the prim and not-so-proper Ms. Justice left off. Problem is, she isn’t interested in his idea of “healing,” which involves ice cubes and a whole lot of heavy breathing. But the closer he gets, the more he sees that his fast-and-loose reputation could cost her the job of her dreams. He wants to do the right thing, but walking away from her could cost him everything…


5 out of 5 stars

Since reading Joya Ryan's contribution to the Serve series, I've been dying to read more of her writing and am so happy I had the time to start on this series because it was even better than Rules of Seduction. Chasing Trouble was truly a really great romance.

The only complaint I had when reading this book was that honestly I just couldn't get over Jenna's reasons for not wanting to pursue a relationship with Colt. I mean, I get she had a lot of hang ups and issues caused by her mother's reputation but she really took it to the extreme and given how easily everything was resolved at the end it just seemed like all her worrying was too much. It made me get really annoyed with her character but thankfully the fact that she developed a backbone at the end redeemed her for me. Other than that, I loved this book to pieces!

Overall, Chasing Trouble was an amazing and sizzling romance. It had everything I love in a Brazen book and more and has really solidified this author as one of my all-time favorite romance writers up there with the likes of Tessa Bailey.

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