Saturday, October 31, 2015

ARC Review: Her Sweet Seduction by Sabrina Sol

Title: Her Sweet Seduction

Author: Sabrina Sol


When romance novelist and single mom Celina Preciado writes a near tell-all about her former lover, he’s the last person she expects to see at her book signing. But not only does Luke Anderssen tell her that he enjoyed her book, the stockbroker-turned-chocolatier let’s her know in no uncertain terms that he wants her back.

Celina’s been burned before and she’s hesitant to let him into the life she now shares with her young daughter. So Luke embarks on the sweetest of seductions to prove once and for all that he’s not the man he used to be and he’s ready to give her the happily ever after she deserves.


I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

5 out of 5 stars

I really loved this short story by Sabrina Sol. Once again Sabrina delivered a believable and relatable Latina protagonist who I loved. I also really loved Luke. Despite the books really short length he still managed to make me swoon hard. He was just so perfect and adorable with the way that he set out to get Celina to give him a second chance with his seduction by chocolate. And, I got to say, I especially loved that Celina didn't cave too quickly. She really made Luke work for it until she was a 100% sure that he was right for her and her daughter and I really admired that about her. Anyway, as I said, I really loved this story. It totally satisfied my craving for more of Sabrina Sol's writing even though it was just a short story and I highly recommend it to anyone who is in the mood for a short and sweet second chance romance.

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